Simple Witchery

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Simple Witchery

What is Simple Witchery?
As long as I can remember, I’ve always liked to keep things as simple as possible – I never saw the point in taking a complicated route if a simpler one presented itself to me. This isn’t laziness, just common sense, from my point of view. It’s something that has bothered me for a long time, this need people often seem to feel to complicate things which needn’t be so hard, and so I set out to boil things down to their barest components, take out all things unnecessary and just get things done.

This is, essentially, what Simple Witchery is all about; leaving out all the extraneous information and implements, taking advantage of what we have ready to hand, and simply enjoying the flow of things.

Why Simple Witchery?

When you lift out all the superfluous items, you are left with the most important element of the Craft. Which element is that? Earth? Air? Fire or Water? Perhaps Spirit? No, none of these. The most important element is always YOU; the person living it and experiencing all it has to offer. When you learn to rely on yourself and your own abilities, you learn that nothing is impossible, you can do anything you set your mind to. That’s what it’s all about; setting your mind to something and getting it done.

For example, I don’t use a wand in any of my work. Yes, I own one – a very ornate and beautiful one which was given to me by a very close friend – but I see it as purely a decoration for my home and it sits on a cherry wood stand atop my bookcase, where I can see it whenever I look up. It has never and will never be used by me or anyone else. Why? Because it doesn’t need to be. I have no need of a wand when I have myself. Besides, what if at some point I had to cast in an emergency and found myself without my wand, what would I do? Panic? Well, that’s not really very sensible, is it? I’d do whatever needed to be done without my wand and it would work every bit as well as it would while using a wand!

Basically, all you need to get yourself started is focus of will and energy. Once you get the hang of that, there’ll be no holding you back and no end to the things you can accomplish.

Kell Smurthwaite, 2004 ©
First Published in the Lammas/Mabon 2004 issue of Dragonswood Magazine


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